Sunday, April 18, 2010

"1840 The CnA Art Book"

This is the illustration collection of my former Creative and Art Team at imagi. These are all our personal work. We have idea to make one art book together long time ago, but everyone was busy and keep delaying the plan... I glad that it finally finish it.

This book means a lot to us, as when this book released, imagi has shut down already, this art book become the 1st and also the last one. Good memeory for all of us.

CnA Artists: Cathy, Cherie, Canny, DimSum, Fai Chan, Felix Ip, Harley-Ho, Jack lee, J.Lo, Joshna, LinZheng, ManKit, Otto Li, PureHay, Sang Lau, Shing, Tat, Teresa, Vin Bean.

I pick some of the works to share here.


chocoangie said...

Support ^^

Esteban Loeschbor said...

Overseas Orders
Price:USD $16 ?????

Jack said...

yes, but not include shipping and handling fee

Esteban Loeschbor said...

first of all, i want to say: sorry for my bad English.
I can not believe it, why that big difference of price between: Hong Kong Orders
and Overseas Orders?
USD $16 its really cheap. hope you do not get me wrong. I think that's great, because it is a price I can afford.
i really like your work and i am excited because of the possibility of get it printed.
thanks for the answer. i will write a mail to felixip right now.
thanks again.

tonywoo said...

Jack, could you give me one for free?

Btw, why does it called 1840?

Martin said...


小灰 said...

恭喜Jack 出書^.^

Jack said...

Esteban Loeschbor,thanks!



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Steve Talkowski said...

Where can I order this book? I'm in the US (NYC) Thanks!